Sunday, May 21, 2006

I take the tag 2!

from Camie:

I AM: filled with an evil sparkling energy which constantly seeks outlets, and a wisdom full of pranks.
I WANT: a home of my own, in a woods in a city.
I HATE: slickness, vanity, having to constuct a life which is mainly a lie just to hold a 'job.'
I MISS: travelling -- with Camie.
I FEAR: being abandoned by everyone.
I HEAR: that that Scarlett Johannson has some major league hooters. I must investigate.
I WONDER: why I bother even trying.
I REGRET: not seeing that the person I choose to marry would have been such a big disaster to me.
I AM NOT: all that interested in careerism.
I DANCE: with Ginger Rogers every chance I can get. Camie knows what this means.
I SING: badly, but freely and unafraid.
I SEE: that life is mostly a pain in the ass. Feh!
I CRY: deep, heavy tears, that no one ever sees.
I AM NOT ALWAYS: the most tactful.
I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: little ingots of words, drip, drip, drip.
I WRITE: to create the shape of my mental form, the words forming the boundry between the inner chaos and the outer world.
I CONFUSE: people who sound good with people who do good.
I NEED: find a reason to wonder why should bother trying.
I SHOULD: stop needing and wondering.
I START: my car with a key. Everything else, I don't start, I react and watch.
I FINISH: things that need to be killed by killing them.


Editor said...


Camie Vog said...

Thank you! You forgot to tag three more people. Yep, internet chain mail ...

I think ack/nak needs this...only a suggestion.


Ron said...

I'm not sure I want to tag three other people...don't like chain mail...


Don't worry about taggin' others. It's some'at some bloggers do. I got tagged on this n carried it on as me tagger's ok n I like her but it ain't compulsory!

Like yer answers. Yer a good bloke. Better n yer know I suspect.

Keep singin'!!

bob said...

very intriguing.


Hey Ron! Yer intriguin' 'em now. Rock on!

* (asterisk) said...

Interesting answers, Ron. By the way, I did check out Beatallica at your suggestion all those weeks ago: wasn't my bag, I'm afraid. But thanks anyway.

bob said...

OK, you win. I've taken the tag.