Thursday, January 26, 2006

I'm Open To Suggestions!

Me Birthday is next Tuesday, the 31st...What I'd like to ask people is what should I do? If it's interesting, I may well do it, and blog it also!

vox populi, vox dei!


bob said...

You should enjoy breakfast at Seva, coffee at the Turkish place behind Nickels Arcade, then bask in the adulation of your friends.

Oh, and you should also go read this post ( and weigh in.

vbspurs said...

Happy Birthday, Ron-boy!

My suggestion is that you go treat yourself to a day at your nearest Turkish Bath-cum-Russian Spa.

Then have a beefy Russian woman massage you with precious oils, and beat your pores down with eucalyptus leaves.

Mmmm, delish.

Many happy returns, Ron!


Camie Vog said...

Happy Birthday! Happy Birthday!
Woo-Hoo, it's your Birthday! I have cake (of the cheese variety), and for the first time in 3 years, I have presents! Homemade, but still presents! Oh, if only our sweet Bob, and the wonderful Victoria could be seated at the birthday table this evening....

Lots of Love!
Your friend,

ps. Noah yells from the bathtub "Happy Birthday Uncle Ron!"