Wednesday, September 12, 2012

An Excellent Fan Video!


VKMfanHuey said...

...well, heck - for some reason I can't 'access' this vid... I'll try at work - for some reason it seems to work better there... weird, I know...

thanks, Ron!!1


Dust Bunny Queen said...

infAwesome! I so love those clothes. Not to mention the fabulous dance move.

VKMfanHuey said... it to work (finally)! wow...lots of clips crammed into that piece! Every time I think I would like to try to compile a video 'montage', I see one like this and, yeah I know I can't do THAT!!! Pretty awesome stuff...I'll leave the video compilations to the 'professionals'!

But it's kinda cool now that when I hear almost ANY tune, I'm usually visualizing a 'Ginger angle'... for example, Ringo Starr (of all people) had a very catchy version of 'You're Sixteen' on his first 'big',, record... er, first collection of songs...(how can you go wrong with McCartney playing a kazoo solo?) ...anyway, I was a kid when that came out, so a 'special' tune to me... but when I hear it now, I immediately think of Ginger in 'Tom, Dick and Harry', and how she is all 'ribbons and curls' in it...and some of the 'slapstick' stuff in that film would mesh perfectly with the tune... so, who knows, maybe one day I could do something like that...

Anyway, thanks for the clip, Ron - it's definitely going in the GingerVault!