Thursday, May 17, 2012

Ginger's The One!

One dances....the other tried to!


VKMfanHuey said...

...interesting... well, as I've mentioned quite a bit (or tried to, anyway...) I am not a politico... was watching the PBS deal on Johnny Carson the other night, and they talked about how he was 'equal opportunity' when it came to ribbing presidents... I take the same stance overall - none are as bad as one thinks, and definitely none are as GOOD as one thinks...

But, as for Ginger, of course she was a republican...and, yeah, I probably line up with a good bit of that, most notably the 'smaller government' angle... but each party has their good and bad...

overall, ya kinda wonder if Ginger being Repub may kinda 'rub folks the wrong way', even to this day, thus maybe the 'short shrift' given to her in some circles... it doesn't bug me as to one's party affiliation... heck, I'll be blunt, one of my fave actresses of 'latter days' is Susan Sarandon, and yeah, she is UBER-lib... but (to me, anyway) pretty dang hot... well, she's getting on up there, but... anyway.

wow, that was quite a dissertation about a very basic post, eh?

well, all that to say, KIG, Ron! :-)


chickelit said...

Heh. I saw the headline and thought you had switched gears to Gilligan's Island.

Julia Ionov said...

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