Wednesday, June 01, 2011

The Gingertennial (June)

One more month to go!  I will try to post a bunch of pics then...but in the meantime....why did Joan Crawford marry Franchot Tone?


chickenlittle said...

why did Joan Crawford marry Franchot Tone?

I dunno but it's a good thing she didn't change her name!

chickenlittle said...

So odd but I am able to log into blogger here and comment as chickenlittle but my own blog won't let me do this just now. Is there some setting on the dashboard that controls this?

VKMfan said...

...haven't seen this one, Ron - thanks!
As for my blog dashboard, I am having all types of issues...I put in text for a post, but no text shows up! Can put pics in, tho... maybe they are in 'maintenance' or something... will try again tomorrow...

thanks agin, Ron!