Thursday, January 27, 2011

Chicken batteries power pix of new VogMobiles

First off, a noble hat tip to Mighty Chickelit who, Colin Clive-like, has brought power back to my once dead camera. These are the first of a bunch of overdue snaps...

Camie has a new vehicle and she brought young Beanie to show it to me...and get my laundry (because the washer has yet to be replaced!)

Behold The Chevyness! As seen from My Back Porch

Beanie sez "Hey get over here!"

"Hi Uncle Ron!"
"Why, yes, I prefer the Mid Period Beatles to the Pepper Era...why do you ask?"


"Time for Lunch!"


chickelit said...

Love the photos of Vog and Vogsdottir!

I'm glad you're getting some usage from the lithium!

VKMfan said...

...cute young'un!

...'behold the Chevyness'! :] I have a '02 Tahoe with over 140,000 on it... I call her 'Ginger' (what else?) ...It's not quite a Mercedes, but then again, it's not a Yugo, either... giddy-up! :-)