Friday, July 23, 2010

Trooper York, Capo di tutti Bloggi

Have I mentioned before that I think that Trooper York is probably the best blogger I read out there nowadays? (Well, except for those Project Rungay guys when they write about Mad Men)

He puts up what seems like 10 posts a day, on running a store, old movies, and making fun of commenters who stroll in like barflys who don't want to go home just yet. His recent posts on his cruise made me applaud someone trying to give hat tips to Alan Hale, jr. when the rest of the world could give a flying fig about him. Hell, I give cred to The Skippers dad, still fighting Errol Flynn on a log over a pond somewhere in Heaven. Not bad for a guy who built his fame capturing a thousand Germans with gas or something like that, almost 85 years ago. I give credit to his aging so well to Brooklyn.

He stared daggers at That Blogger Lady for awhile, but they seem to have made up, which gives me hope for the Middle East.

And I have not forgotten that I owe him a trip to The City just to go to Katz's; I lack funds, not will.

Oh, and for no other reason than I thought he'd like it: Angie Dickenson (w Howard Hawks)

When I finally met Joan someday...I'll talk you up!


El Pollo Real said...

Now Angie is a palate cleanser!

Thanks old boy!

wv: "sturf" Dunno what it means but I like the sound!

Jason (the commenter) said...

I never thought f that before. His place is like a bar, while "other places" try being like a cafe.

Trooper York said...

Thanks cuz. You are the best.

I loved Joan this week. She is the hotness.

We will do Katz one day, I promise.