Saturday, February 27, 2010

Cough, Weez

Yes, I know I promised paczki pics here, and I did get two boxes of them(!) at the wonderful Copernicus deli here in Ann Arbor, (link goes to the Kitchen Chick review, as they don't have a web site yet) but my camera died at the moment I went to take the pics of them! I think it's just the battery, but the cam is kaput at the present time!

Things are getting difficult for me, and I'm struggling to not be thrown out of my house. Oddly, I did just do a gig that's good for a month's rent, but it takes a while to get paid...but they have more work coming, hopefully. I had a brief panic attack this afternoon and vented this on...folks I shouldn't have, and I apologize here.

Oh, wait! Kitchen Chick has a review (w/pic!) of the Copernicus paczkis here, and a recipe using them to boot!


Four Dinners said...

Hope you're ok old bean. I'd lend a hand but until I pass my Part II ADI exam and start teaching peeps to drive the Dinners household is a wee bit strapped right now.

Soon as I'm straight I'll give you a shout and we'll see what can be done ok?

Meantime I'm guest posting on Mad Mikes America every Sunday. Link on my blog if you want to pop along.

Laters old bean and look after yourself!

Four Dinners said...

You have just made a personal appearance on the Dinners blog.

Just so yer know...;-)

Four Dinners said...

Ahhhh! It must be that old pic you once had of you and a guitar.

Never mind.

We can sing badly as a trio!

The repertoire will be...

Fat Les "Vindaloo", Sid Vicious "My Way" and then Cappy and I will discreetly retire and leave you to face the hostile mob alone!!!...;-)