Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Staying in England...

Ms. Rigg has inquired as to whether she may join us...of course! It goes without asking.


Four Dinners said...

Now look old bean.

I really hate to say this but...

Many of the women (who were indeed incredibly attractive) that appear on this here blog are either extremely old or extremely dead....now.

I would indeed have shagged Diana Rigg in the 60's or even the 70's....possibly the 80's with enough amber nectar.

I'm sorry.

If you shagged Miss Rigg now you would be unsure whether you were shagging her or in the wrong wrinkle.

Beauty is ...er.... ephemeral?

Physically speaking anyroad.

Young is young and old is old.

Sadly, Miss Rigg is well past it...even for an old fart like me!!!

(I prefer to know my wrinkles)

Trooper York said...

Yes but she is perfect to polish your knob to....just sayn'