Thursday, December 24, 2009

Babe Ruth says...Merry Christmas!

h/t to Alyssa Milano!


Four Dinners said...

A) He is clearly pissed (therefore I like him already)

B) His beard keeps slipping which has ruined the illusion for all those dopey kids (therefore I like him more)

C) He is no more a 'Babe' than I am. Probably even less than I am

D) Any man called 'Ruth' is in deep smeg indeed.

Hope you had a good'n old bean. I change there then...;-)

Trooper York said...

Happy New Year cuz. I hope you have a very healthy and prosperous one this time. Thanks for all your comments over at my place, I really appreciate it!

Have a happy and healthy and prosperous New Year.

And may your News Years wish of a Scarlet and Joan Holloway sandwich come true!!!!

chickenlittle said...

We're mainly twitmates and co-commenters at various bloggish establishments. But I always keep an eye out on Stuffy Fluffin'!

Happy New Year!