Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I'm back!

Has it been two months? Well...I have excuses, like almost dying! (more later) Ah...Joan's here to welcome me back...

Why, yes. Yes it is.


Four Dinners said...

Must have been man flu which is scientifically proven to be much much worse than woman flu.

Glad your on the mend old bean. Been worrying about you.

Trooper York said...

Welcome back cuz.

We will definitely do lunch if you ever make it back to the big apple.

Glad you are back in form and keeping a watch on the big melons. So to speak. Heh.

Bissage said...
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Bissage said...

Woody Allen once said his only regret in life is that he's not somebody else.

Gazing upon the astonishing Christina Hendricks, I couldn't agree more.

first wv = nwoodi. No lie!

second wv = final. No lie!

Four Dinners said...

you had a relapse?

you take care old bean. Chillin' is the priority!