Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Toy Series #7 "Rushmore -"

The "Rushmore" sessions, Day 1:

Tom: Teddy, Abe

Abe: S'up

TR: Hey! Where's George?

Abe: Yeah, is he late...again? Prima Donna!

Tom: George is in a pitch meeting with Warners on the West Coast, with Chickelit!

Abe: Is it that "Denture Movie" prequel again? No one wants a feature about the ancestor of an obscure Bond villain!

Tom: No, this is Bennie Arnold, Burn In Hell! Probably better with the tween demo anyway.

Abe: Who's playing him? Barry Bostwick? No powder needed for that wig! [raucous laughter]
TR: Hey, that's better than Mork from Orc! Was Russell Crowe busy that week or what?

Tom: or Nick Nolte

Abe: Uhhh... I didn't mind Raymond Massey...but I wouldn't try to kill Cary Grant!

JFK: Fellows, if we need a "Father of The Country", I'll be happy to, uh, fill in!
TR: Dude, give it up!


The Preacherman said...

Having been sober for five days with man flu followed by eleven bottles of Bud this evening preceded by five pints of Kronenburg this afternoon I can safely say I haven't a scooby what this is all about.

Having said that I haven't a scooby how to spell my own name right now...

Can you use those Prez's to play Subbuteo Table Soccer I wonder?

chickenlittle said...

Good tidings!

George has been released from his gig in Cali and is returning to the fold chez Ron post haste! He heard the call to duty (and is eager to bump JFK off his perch!)