Thursday, January 31, 2008

Half a century of ridiculous nonsense!

For the big Five-Oh! it would appear the ladies have made the theme "White." Is this the promise of rebirth anew? Or the Japanese color of Death?

The party begins tomorrow...and y'all are welcome! If you have a blog, post a picture of yourself in white just for the hell of it! Let's greet the ladies as they've come in...

Yes, Salma, the birthday is tomorrow...would I kid about that?

Ah, Sandy, always sublimely ready... and lookin' good!!!

Mira's waiting for...what? I'm not sure, but clearly she's ready for the whole event...

I see Jennifer Connolly has brought Charlize Theron and Naomi Watts...fine, fine, more the merrier...

Ah, Ginger...bored, but beautiful as always!

Can anyone see what Debbie is pointing at? I can't....

Daisy Fuentes clearly has our color theme down...the rest of the outfit she's workin' on...

Julianne Moore! Stunning as always! But isn't that...sea green? Or really, really off white?

Can someone please get Parker Posey a drink? Thanks....

Finally...Scarlett looks fuzzy, but mighty damn fine...a good birthday for me it will be...

Do join us!

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Anatomical Snuffbox

The cars went back and forth at high speeds, stopping right in front of
The Fence, trying to scare it into opening, the fools.
The fence, hoping for a better wage, still guarded the trees from escaping with the bats
Who nested there and made merry flying all about,
trying to obscure The Sun from making it's downward trek.
The sun, properly positioned itself along my arm, slowed down, of course,
by my arm hairs from going over the horizon,
and down, down from elbow's peak to the small concavity of flesh at the start of my hand,
or the end of my arm, if you prefer,
Straight down from there it went, into said hand,
placing the day's energy here where I wanted to write with it,
just so long as I made sure to leave enough
Heat and Light for all of China in their morning so they could do what they needed to do,

Just like me.

You too lazy to make real tacos?

Yeah, fess up, you know you are! I'm a' lookin' right at you, Cynnie! :) I got these devils at Trader Joe's. A minute and a half in the microwave and zap! Easy lunch, pretty good tasting too!

Sunday, January 20, 2008


I see Suzanne Pleshette died today... and she was born on my upcoming birthday, the 31st! Hope that's not a bad sign...I check in on Ernie Banks, Nolan Ryan, and (sigh) Carole Channing, (all born on my birthday as well) and I see all is well...

Scarlett lets me know that things are cool... right SJ?

Sunday, January 13, 2008

On tonight's menu: Fatted Calf

The wonderful Sundries has returned! Many times here at the Stuffin' we feared the worst, but maybe there are second acts in English lives at least!

Welcome back Victoria...Carnivale blogging would be worse without you doing it!

(I'm thinking a calvados vinaigrette and some ginger-glazed carrots with that calf, yes? Raspberry Creme Brulee for dessert? Let's see...I've got a '61 Mouton-Rothschild around here somewhere...)

Friday, January 11, 2008

Happy Birthday!

No, not me! At least not yet! This nod of appreciation goes out to the Althouse blog, whose creator turns an unhidden 57 today. Daily, clever blogging, good photographs, vlogs...Althouse is your full-service blog with multimedia bone fides! (I'll get around to a vlog on Drunk Punk someday!)

Always my favorite blog read...

So? Go out for birthday sushi, already!

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Let's see if we can make the second half better, yes?

Soon, very soon,(Jan 31 to be exact!) The Head Fluffmeister here at the Stuffin' will turn the big 5-0!

What shall I do? I wish to let the vox Stuffingi help me out! Make suggestions! You're more than welcome to visit, I won't be planning a thing! Let's make it human and make it good!

Monday, January 07, 2008

"Think Fog"

Yesterday, on the redoubtable Althouse blog, I wrote in a comment the phrase "think fog", when I meant to say "thick fog." This has made me laugh, and I now christen it as a Coinage of The House of Fun, along with "malapropaganda", and....some other ones which I can't recall at the moment! I didn't even see the error; Prof. Althouse pointed it out saying "nice typo." But, interestingly, it is to me not strictly a typo, that is to say, a misspelling, accidental or otherwise. Rather, I simply didn't "hear" the word "thick" when I was typing, I heard my mind say "think."

I find when I type quickly, it's because I'm merely transcribing words I "hear" myself "speak." This is why my most common typing error is to simply forget to type a whole word, not misspell one. I've "heard it" already, and the brain went faster than the hands. When I write, I hear my voice 90% of the time. But sometimes I hear someone else's voice, even to the point of imagining what a persons voice sounds like if I haven't heard it.

The editing process is very different for me; there I tend to see the words as 3D shapes, usually with a particular color, often with a musical tone. I see editing as almost literally, orchestrating how I want a line of text to appear.

The period of my most writing took place when Camie and I were chatting away like magpies. We still do, but not as frequently as there are Beanie and The Little Man to wrestle and this takes considerable energy.

Christmas day, only one person called to talk all day, and I went out for lunch with one other person. I am surprised by my need for constant conversation...

...and am dismayed that Scarlett is not going to be at the top of the page after this post! Maybe I should put her in the one of the women at the front of a ship...

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

I work my meme, right into the ground!

Dream? Oh, yes...

Had a bit too much grog this New Years?

...and you have enemies at home?

from Facebook.

Tuesday, January 01, 2008