Thursday, January 24, 2008

Anatomical Snuffbox

The cars went back and forth at high speeds, stopping right in front of
The Fence, trying to scare it into opening, the fools.
The fence, hoping for a better wage, still guarded the trees from escaping with the bats
Who nested there and made merry flying all about,
trying to obscure The Sun from making it's downward trek.
The sun, properly positioned itself along my arm, slowed down, of course,
by my arm hairs from going over the horizon,
and down, down from elbow's peak to the small concavity of flesh at the start of my hand,
or the end of my arm, if you prefer,
Straight down from there it went, into said hand,
placing the day's energy here where I wanted to write with it,
just so long as I made sure to leave enough
Heat and Light for all of China in their morning so they could do what they needed to do,

Just like me.

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That bizzarely reminds me of a bottle of Smirnoff I once drank in about an hour and a half....