Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I'll take a swing at this!

"And if some dimbulb should say,
We were in love in some way,
Kick all his teeth in for me,
And if you feel like keeping on kicking,
Feel free." -- Magnetic Fields

My fellow blogger, the charming Cynnie is now giving advice based on her scant but wizened years on this globe to what questions matter to you. I will now return the favor, and post the questions and answers right here for the world to read.


Camie Vog said...

Question: Despite installing a new rec room and party room updates, complete with two turn tables and a microphone + a mixed drink bar, I am unable to get any of my Sim's friends over for a party! I NEED to have this party, so I can meet Ian, the last person I can become friends with. Do you have any suggestions?

Cynnie said...

OMG!!.. I LOVE sims !!

you ever trap a sim in a room and watch him die ?

not that i have or anything ..maybe .

Ron said...

Clearly this sim is beyond the help of cool toys, antidepressants, religion, or even me. Build a small room, put him in it, and set him on fire. Imagine he's one of those Buddhist monks in Vietnam; maybe karmically he'll get us out of Iraq!