Wednesday, July 18, 2007

"Jazz isn't dead, it just smells funny"

Oh, dear has my blog become like the Zappa quote above? My sitemeter thinks so! Sorry, a lot has gone on here.

1.) The foot is what it is. My doctors haven't been much help for which they will get a buttkicking soon.
2.) Exercising will also commence. I'd like to get a recumbent exercise bike, which is around $350. I have one spotted.
3.) The big news is that I have some biz that I have now started. The first two months here funds will just cover my existing, but starting in Sept., much more will be arriving! I'd say more, but I have to discuss how much I can say with the new employer. I'll still be working mainly out of the house.
4.) One of my good friends will be working for an entire year out of London, so this may be my chance to come and see English blog-friends! For various reasons, it wouldn't be until January, but he's place that he's staying is only a block and a half from Harrod's!

Camie and Cynnie and I have been playing around on Facebook a lot, another reason for much of my absence.
But hopefully that will change.


bob said...

Perhaps butt-kicking will prove to be a rejuvenating (or at least a resanguinating) experience for your foot. If that turns out to be a decent therapy, watch out.

Glad to hear you've got some inbound biz. Keep up the good work. I'll be in Dee-Twoit the last Monday and Tuesday of the Month to visit Beaumont and Henry Ford, let's see if we can't swing a dinner.


You come over here you drink with me.

This is not negotiable.

I will employ a Sicilian 'friend' if you fail to follow these simple instructions.

Good luck in the new endeavour mate